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Republican Party of Virginia Statement on The Washington Post Slandering Law Enforcement Hero Bill Woolf

Richmond, Virginia – September 29, 2023


The Republican Party of Virginia strongly condemns The Washington Post’s willfully dishonest and misleading hit piece on Bill Woolf, a 15-year law enforcement veteran and Republican nominee for Virginia’s 30th senate district. This article was not just shoddy reporting – it was a deliberate attempt at election interference.


As a detective in Fairfax County, Bill Woolf devoted his career to stopping human trafficking, risking his life every day to keep his community safe. His dedication and excellent track record earned him the top spot on the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force.


Unbeknownst to Detective Woolf, his supervisors were themselves involved in a human trafficking and prostitution ring. At the same time members of the Department launched a completely bogus inquiry to try to intimidate Detective Woolf into silence.


Bill left the police department in order to further his efforts to combat one of the most heinous crimes targeting vulnerable communities.  He went on to serve at the U.S. Department of Justice as both Director of Human Trafficking Programs and acting Director of the Office for Victims of Crime.


The truth is, conservative leaders like Bill Woolf have the mainstream media hacks at outlets like The Washington Post running scared. With nothing substantive to base their attacks on, the media is shamefully resorting to spreading lies and hearsay.