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3/18/20 Covid-19 Party Memo

Dear Virginia Republicans,

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our daily lives in ever-changing ways. With each update, we are all called to adjust our plans, or to make new decisions.  As our lives are upended, we are very fortunate to have President Donald Trump and his Administration leading us through these uncertain times. Seldom in our history has the strong leadership of our nation been so imperative as right now! By following their guidance and directions, we will come through this challenge together.  

The Republican Party of Virginia also faces many new challenges caused by this pandemic. Just like our families, churches, companies and governmental organizations, your RPV leadership is assessing how to achieve our important objectives.  As Virginia Republicans, we must all come together amid these uncertain times and do our part to keep our Commonwealth, and our Nation on the right track. Right now, that means considering all available options to hold this Spring’s mass meetings, conventions and canvasses within legal requirements, without putting our families and friends at risk.  

Over the coming days, your Executive Committee and State Central Committee will be considering how we can move forward in order to nominate President Trump and our candidates for the House of Representatives. I am confident we will agree to move forward with the best approach available.   

I want you to know that as your Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, I will continue to do all I can to assist every district, every local unit, and every Republican across our Commonwealth. But make no mistake about it – at this time, responding to the COVID-19 crisis that threatens our community and our Party must be my only focus.  

Therefore, I have decided to temporarily suspend active campaigning for re-election as your Chairman so that I can devote all of my energy and efforts to ensure that the Republican Party of Virginia determines the best approach to accomplishing the business of nominating our candidates for the 2020 election. I will resume my campaign once I am satisfied that we are positioned to implement our plan to hold meetings that achieve our Party’s critical goals.  

As we move forward, I will stay in touch with you; so watch your email for updates on our planning. And as always, you can contact me at any time with your questions, concerns, or suggestions by emailing me at [email protected].    

We are Virginia Republicans. Together, we will do this!     

In closing, please keep all Americans and our Republican Party in your thoughts and prayers, at this difficult time.  

Jack R. Wilson, III
Republican Party of Virginia