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A Tale of Two Protests

Richmond, VA – This weekend, Ralph Northam and Levar Stoney allowed the Capital of Virginia to burn. It wasn’t until Sunday night, after two nights of vandalism and looting, that any action was taken.

Conversely, Governor Northam declared a state of emergency and shut down Richmond two days *before* the Second Amendment protest in January.

Both protests had peaceful intentions. Both protests were warranted. Both protests were responses to Democrat, big-government overreach in blue areas of the United States. Only one protest was portrayed as a violent insurgency of backward, undesirable Virginians by our Governor. (Hint: that “one protest” was in January.)

RPV Chairman Jack Wilson issued the following statement:

“2020 has been defined by government sponsored attacks on Americans’ civil liberties. From infringements on the Second Amendment to interminable and unjustified lock-downs to unchecked police brutality, our government (at least in the blue areas) has gotten out of control. But one thing stands out: why is it that Second Amendment supporters were treated as domestic terrorists, but the people incinerating GRTC buses just got a stern warning and a curfew?

“Two things can be true simultaneously: George Floyd deserves justice and the Second Amendment needs to be protected. Hypocrisy from the Northam Administration is expected, but this weekend underscored how his incompetence hurts Virginians.”