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RPV Calls for Delegate Lee Carter’s Immediate Resignation

Richmond, VA – Today, the Republican Party of Virginia called on Delegate Lee Carter (D-Manassas) to resign for abusing his power as an elected official in the Commonwealth of Virginia to bully and intimidate law enforcement officers and threaten to cut police budgets.

RPV Chairman Jack Wilson released the following statement:

“Delegate Carter has not only dishonored the memory of George Floyd, he has also cheapened any justice that his killer will face. The law enforcement officers in Manassas had nothing to do with the tragedy in Minnesota, and did not deserve to be screamed at and threatened by an elected official in the Virginia House of Delegates.

“The Republican Party of Virginia calls for Lee Carter’s immediate resignation for abusing his power as a Delegate by taking part in violent protests and threatening Virginia citizens.

“For far too long, minority communities across the Commonwealth have been victims of inept government policies designed to keep them under the thumb of authoritarian Democrat rule. Their voices are not heard on the floor of the General Assembly. Beyond election year photo ops, nothing has been done to reform criminal justice, poverty, and inequity among our most vulnerable citizens.

“We understand and hear the need for peaceful protests and the Republican Party of Virginia is 100% behind the need for justice and equity for African Americans.

“The First Amendment is what sets this country apart from the rest of the world. Without it, we are no different than North Korea. But when an elected official takes that opportunity to berate brave Virginia first responders doing their jobs to protect the innocent from violence, a line must be drawn.

“Lee Carter must resign today.”