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Buttigieg’s Former Employer Given Redaction Power in Virginia Government

Richmond, VA – Last month, the Ralph Northam Administration brought the former employer of former Democratic Presidential contender Pete Buttiegieg, McKinsey and Company, to help shore up its abysmal testing numbers.

From the Virginia Mercury: “The Mercury’s Kate Masters later requested a copy of the contract via Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act and any reports McKinsey had prepared for the state for its more than half a million fee.

What we got back was laughably useless as a result of copious redactions (including, bizarrely and illicitly, the name of the McKinsey partner who signed the contract) and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management’s decision to withhold 120 pages of reports bought and paid for by taxpayers, citing “working papers” and trade secret exemptions.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is allowing a private contractor to choose what is and what is not redacted on official government documents.

“The Northam Administration has failed Virginia at every opportunity during this pandemic,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “From fudging testing numbers to abandoning regional strategy to throwing his Chief of Staff under the bus to falling to last in the nation in testing to handing over our government to a shady private contractor, any whiff of transparency or confidence in Northam is gone. Virginia voters are watching, and every day they’re subjected to Northam’s inept rule is another day they’re getting angrier and readier to elect a Republican in 2021.”

N.B. – it’s important that Pete Buttigieg used to work for McKinsey because he was invited to speak at the Blue Commonwealth Gala and his work with McKinsey was made a huge deal during his campaign.