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Northam, Stoney Tell Richmond, “Kick Rocks”

Richmond, VA – In what has become an administration defined by preventable mistakes and costly blunders, Ralph Northam, in conjunction with Richmond Mayor, Levar “Navy Hill” Stoney, decided to ignore his own regional guidance and delay the City of Richmond’s Phase I reopening for two weeks. Northam’s move gave Richmond restaurants fewer than 24 hours to re-prepare for another two weeks of losing money.

But there is one question yet unanswered: why did Northam abandon his regional plan?

It could be because Henrico and Chesterfield counties are run by Republicans who, unlike Democrats, understand the importance of reopening Virginia and allowing families to continue to put food on their tables. Then again, it could be because Northam has not been able to string together 24 straight hours without making an embarrassingly preventable mistake.

“Virginia families are hurting, and Democrats like Northam and Stoney could not care less,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “Apparently, regional plans are only valid if 100% of the region is run by Democrats. Richmond business owners are forced to sit idly by as they watch all of their customers flee to Henrico and Chesterfield. That’s immoral. Maybe Mayor Stoney should focus on fixing potholes instead of killing small businesses.”