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Democrats Officially Do Not Support an Individual’s Right to Bear Arms

Richmond, VA – Today, the Virginia Democrats officially declared that they do not support an individual’s right to bear arms. House and Senate Democrats overturned more than a decade of policy and voted to ban all firearms from the Capitol and office buildings in preparation for supporters of the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution (read: Second Amendment) to come to Richmond.

Please do not let any Democrat elected official lie to you and tell you that they do not want to ban all firearms and disarm Virginia’s citizenry. To reiterate, Democrats will ban/take/confiscate/criminalize the firearms of law abiding citizens. A disarmed and vulnerable populace is the Democrats’ 2020 session goal.

“Democrats know that Virginians are not happy about their proposed gun-grabbing measures,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “We’ve seen it in the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement and we’ll see it again on January 20th when tens of thousands of peaceful, law-abiding Virginians arrive in Richmond to tell their ‘representatives’ to actually represent their constituents.”