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Message from RPV Regarding Election Integrity

Fellow Virginians,

I first want to say that President Trump and all of our candidates are grateful for the many volunteer poll watchers, grassroots volunteers, and voters who have called or emailed to share their concerns about election integrity.

The way results are reported in Virginia has led to some confusion. The reporting percentage is of the number of precincts, not the number of total votes. This year, over 40 percent of voters cast their votes early or by mail. All of those votes were reported in one precinct, the Central Absentee Precinct, in each city and county. Nearly 2,500 precincts reported on Election Day voting, only 131 Central Absentee Precincts reported. That means only four percent of precincts included 40 percent of all votes cast.

We have heard from many voters concerned about ballot tracking websites. In Virginia, these websites are ONLY for tracking of mailed-in absentee ballots. They were not designed to show whether a vote cast at the polls was counted. This is true of the Ballot Scout information on your local registrar’s website and the Department of Elections voter info website.

RPV and our dedicated volunteers are attending the post-election canvass and other proceedings to ensure results are properly tabulated before certification. Results are not official until after each locality has certified its results next Tuesday. We have heard concerns about the unofficial reports released election night and are tracking them carefully.

I want to encourage voters to continue to share concerns with us by e-mail at [email protected]. We will continue to pursue any allegations of irregularities.

That being said, I also want to express our appreciation for the thousands of Virginians who served as election officials at the local level this year. They stepped up to administer an election under unprecedented circumstances; not just the COVID-19 pandemic, but the chaos created by changes in our long-standing election rules by Democrats, some made right before or even after early voting had begun.

Rich Anderson


Republican Party of Virginia