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Northam Creates Nursing Home Death Camps

Richmond, VA – There are many things that will define Governor Ralph Northam’s legacy: blackface, KKK hoods, botched COVID-19 relief, bending the knee to a handful of rioters, abortion after birth, the list goes on. Unfortunately, one of the things he is likely not to be remembered for is his spearheading of the nursing-homes-to-death-homes movement.

The Virginia Department of Health reported three new deaths from COVID-19 yesterday, but added FORTY (40) new deaths to its nursing home total. But this is far from the first time nursing homes have reportedfarworseconditions than what the general public is aware.

“There is a massive problem taking place in Virginia nursing homes and Governor Northam is sweeping it under the rug,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “When will he take action? When will he take responsibility? Every moment spent parading around with Pharrell Williams and dangling the statue issue in front of Virginians like a set of keys is a moment lost in the fight against COVID-19. He frees criminals from jail because of COVID-19, but delivers a death sentence to our seniors. Virginia is desperate for leadership, and Northam refuses to provide it.”