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RPV Statement on DPVA Virtual Convention

Richmond, VA – Tonight, the Democrat Party of Virginia kicks off the first of three nights of their virtual state convention. RPV Chairman Jack Wilson released the following statement:

“Much like their entire platform, the Virginia Democrats are going virtual. Their policies virtually work, legislation virtually helps, and messaging only appeals to a virtual audience. While we can’t expect anything substantive to come from their convention, we can bet that there will be enough virtue-signalling to make a brick wall cringe.

“The Democrats have not taken the struggles that 2020 has thrown at us seriously, and that not-in-my-backyard attitude is underscored by the fact that Joe Biden will be speaking at their convention, albeit prerecorded and virtually. Joe Biden has twisted an international pandemic and civil unrest from problems we should come together to solve to problems that further divide us. He can play his political game holed up in his basement, but Virginians are shouldering the consequences of his words – and it’s not going unnoticed.

“The 2020 Democrat platform can be boiled down to one word: hypocrisy. First they cared about combating racism, then they invited Ralph Northam back into their ranks. They excoriated Justice Brett Kavanaugh, then celebrated when they landed Joe Biden as a speaker. Donations from the NRA were decried, but donations from Planned Parenthood were welcomed.

“Joe Biden and the Democrats have made one thing crystal clear: they don’t care about America, they don’t care about Virginia, and they certainly don’t care about you.”