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Redistricting Information

This year, Virginia was Constitutionally tasked with redrawing all legislative districts in the Commonwealth following the completion of the U.S. Census.


The Virginia Supreme Court has finalized the new maps, which are different from the old maps. You may find that your Congressman is no longer your Congressman or that your Delegate has been drawn into a new district.

There are many resources available to find your new representatives.

  1. Who’s My Legislator (
    1. This site will ask you for your address and display your CURRENT Member in the House of Delegates, Virginia Senate, and the United States Congress.
  2. Virginia Public Access Project (
    1. This site will show you how the new lines were created and give you updated maps/visuals of your new Members of the U.S. House, VA House, and VA Senate.


The Republican Party of Virginia is always available to help anyone who needs clarification on the new maps. Please email [email protected] for any information required.