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Still Reeling, Democrats are Desperately Copying Youngkin’s Ideas

Still Reeling, Democrats are Desperately Copying Youngkin’s Ideas

Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Rich Anderson issued the following statement, “Voters rejected Democrats’ path forward and voted for Glenn Youngkin’s Day One Game Plan in November. As Democrats try to find their way out of the wilderness, they’re trying to steal Governor-Elect Youngkin’s platform – but Virginians won’t be fooled.”


Virginia Democrats are still reeling from losing all three statewide offices and their majority in the House of Delegates. So what is Governor Northam doing on his way out the door? Trying to trick Virginians into thinking that Democrats support the popular campaign proposals of Glenn Youngkin, when in fact they failed to champion or accomplish these things for eight long years.


In recent days, Northam has revealed that his proposed budget includes several provisions championed by Youngkin this year:


Funding for HBCUs: In June, Youngkin agreed with former Governor Douglas Wilder that Virginia needs to do more to support our Historically Black Colleges and Universities. In October, Youngkin pledged that “every budget I sign will include direct funding for all five Historically Black Colleges and Universities.” Democrats neglected Virginia’s HBCUs for years, and Youngkin’s pledge clearly spurred them to action.


Repeal of the grocery tax: Youngkin campaigned heavily on this proposal in grocery stores across the Commonwealth. This week, Northam played copycat and appeared at a grocery store to announce that he would include partial repeal of the tax in his budget – a tax cut that no one was thinking or talking about in recent memory before Youngkin made it a focus of his campaign this summer.


One-time tax rebates for Virginians: Again, Virginia Democrats argued strenuously this year that it was wrong for Youngkin to claim that Virginians were being overtaxed. As Speaker-designee Todd Gilbert said this week, “Now we know what it takes to get Virginia Democrats to propose cutting taxes — losing to a Republican.” Indeed, Youngkin proposed one-time tax rebates in July and August.


Pay increases for law enforcement: One of the very first distinctions Youngkin highlighted between himself and his Democrat opponent was the issue of police funding. Youngkin made clear he would fully fund our law enforcement heroes. While Youngkin met with LEOs around the state and went on ride-alongs to see firsthand the issues they face, Terry McAuliffe, Hala Ayala, and Mark Herring refused to meet with them. Law enforcement groups and sheriffs overwhelmingly supported the Republican ticket in 2021, and Northam’s last-minute effort to undo this damage is far too little, far too late.


Pay increases for teachers: Democrats had 8 years to deliver on this promise. Glenn Youngkin ran on actually getting the job done. Once again, Northam is attempting to save face for his party because they know Youngkin means business and will actually do the things Democrats have been talking about for years.