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Republican Party of Virginia on EV Sale Regulation

RICHMOND, VA – August 26, 2022

As of 2035 regulations are requiring all vehicles sold in Virginia to be electric. Sales of non-electric vehicles will be banned. Democrats in Virginia chose to incorporate California vehicle emission laws ours in the Commonwealth. Because of this, un-elected officials in Sacramento, California (the California Air Resources Board) are making decisions for our families here in the Commonwealth.

Not only does the necessary infrastructure not exist in Virginia to support this outrageous policy, but the question of affordability is one that we need to be painfully aware of. Democrats in Congress recently voted to increase the barriers to the few incentives that exist for purchasing an electric vehicle.

This type of government overreach is exactly what our Republicans, like our Governor Glenn Youngkin, are working to fix by uncoupling our regulations from unelected officials in California. Virginians should have a voice in what happens in the Commonwealth, and the Republican Party of Virginia stands with our leaders in Richmond working hard to undo these damaging regulations.