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Republican Party of Virginia on Fairfax County Training Documents

RICHMOND, VA – August 26, 2022

The Republican Party of Virginia stands with our leaders in Richmond, echoing that school administration officials should not be keeping secrets from parents. Parents deserve to be involved in their children’s education. 


Fairfax County continues to leave parents in the dark and not inform them on what is going on in the classroom, the locker room, the hallways and everywhere else in our schools. Fox News has reported that some new training materials provided to teachers show that students can change their name and pronouns without parental notification, and use locker rooms and restrooms based on their choices – without informing their parents. Fairfax schools are briefing teachers on how to cut parents out of their children’s education. 


Parents should have the final say in what happens in the raising of their children, without exception. Governor Glenn Youngkin and House Republicans are committed to keeping parents informed on what goes on inside classrooms and at School. As Governor Youngkin said today on Fox News, “parents have the fundamental right to make these most important decisions.”


The Republican Party of Virginia stands with our Governor as he continues to keep his promises by fighting for our parents in our schools.