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Republican Party of Virginia Commemorates Black History Month

Richmond, Virginia – February 1, 2024


The Republican Party of Virginia is proud to celebrate the rich history, culture, and many contributions of Black Americans to our Commonwealth and recognize Black History Month 2024.

For hundreds of years, Virginia has been home to accomplished and inspiring figures in Black history. From business leaders and visionaries like Booker T. Washington to political trailblazers like former Governor Douglas Wilder and our current Lieutenant Governor, Winsome Sears, Black Virginians have changed our Commonwealth and our world for the better.

We also recognize the many struggles of Black Americans throughout our history, and the central role that Virginia played in the wicked and evil practices of slavery and segregation. We must continue to remember and teach our youth about this dark stain on our nation’s history so that it is never repeated.

During Black History Month, we also honor the leaders of the Civil Rights movement who helped advanced Virginia and the United States toward our nation’s founding promise of liberty and equality for all. Linking arms with Americans of all backgrounds, we will continue this month and every month to strive to form a more perfect union.