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Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s Ill-Advised Visit to the Commonwealth

Richmond, Virginia – January 23, 2023


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have numerous self-induced crises to deal with, including the ongoing disaster at our southern border where thousands of criminal illegal aliens are pouring into our country every day. Yet rather than address the real problems Americans are facing, Biden and Harris are instead coming to Virginia to spread lies and fear in their quest to cling to power.

Democrats cynically believe that celebrating unrestricted late-term abortion-on-demand is the best way to appeal to voters. Republicans will continue to be advocates for mothers and children, including the unborn, and strongly oppose Democrats’ utter contempt and disregard for innocent human life.

Biden and Harris can lie as much as they want, it will not change the reality of their failures or the fact that even a majority of Democrats do not want another four years of the disaster that has been the Biden-Harris administration.