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Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Election Results

Richmond, Virginia – November 8, 2023

Tuesday’s results are a reflection of a successful campaign of lies, deception, and scare tactics from Virginia Democrats.

Extreme left-wing interest groups brought in massive amounts of dark money dollars to elect politicians who will serve their interests, not the interests of Virginia voters. The left’s money machine poured millions into dishonest TV ads spreading blatant misinformation about Republican candidates and distracting from Democrat radicalism. Despite Republicans raising record sums through grassroots outreach, Democrat elites and liberal special interests rallied to overcome this advantage with high-dollar donations in the final days of the campaign. One thing this election made clear is that Democrats are absolutely beholden to the left-wing donor class and will do anything for campaign cash.

We commend all of our Republican candidates for running hard-fought races and fighting for Virginia values. We look forward to working with those who won to serve our Commonwealth and help advance Governor Youngkin’s common-sense conservative agenda.

Over the next two years, Governor Youngkin and Republicans in the legislature will continue to be a bulwark against Democrat extremism. We will continue to fight for lower taxes, safer streets, and parental rights, and against Democrat attempts to blow out the budget on insane left-wing pipe dreams, infringe on individual liberties, and infuse toxic left-wing ideology in our schools.

We will not allow extremist Virginia Democrats to turn our Commonwealth into a socialist hellscape like California or New York.

The 2024 elections are less than one year away. The fight continues.