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Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Passage of 2023 Budget Amendments

Richmond, Virginia – September 7, 2023

The budget bill passed by the state legislature yesterday is a reminder that while we have made great progress over the past two years thanks to Governor Youngkin and Republican leadership, we can still do more to help Virginia families thrive.

The amendments include several major wins for everyday Virginians that Republicans have championed from the beginning, including more than $1 billion in tax cuts and significant investments in our public schools and mental health care. Our Republican leaders in Richmond should be commended for holding firm on these important issues.

However, Virginia Democrats and their obstructionist “brick wall” caucus prevented this bill from doing more to put money back in the pockets of working Virginians. They would rather appease their small, radical activist base than deliver common-sense policies that benefit the majority of voters.

As Virginians cast their votes this fall, they should keep this distinction in mind.