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Republican Party of Virginia Statement on the Virginia NAACP’s Political Hit Job Press Conference

Richmond, Virginia – November 1, 2022


Just one week out from Election Day, the Virginia NAACP is shamelessly and irresponsibly attempting to manufacture a crisis in a desperate last-ditch effort to save Democrats from defeat. This transparent media stunt is yet more evidence that this storied organization with a proud legacy has sadly become just another political arm of the Virginia Democratic Party.


Attorney General Miyares has been clear that the Election Integrity Unit will provide legal advice to the State Board and Department of Elections, investigate violations of Virginia election law, work to protect voting rights, and crack down on voter intimidation. If the Virginia NAACP is sincere in their concern for ensuring Black Virginians have the opportunity to vote in free and fair elections, they should support the Election Integrity Unit in fulfilling its mission, rather than sowing baseless fears about “voter suppression.”


We join other Black Virginia leaders in condemning this blatant political ploy by the Virginia NAACP:


“It is not shocking that the Virginia NAACP prior to an election would spread false information about the Attorney General and the right to vote. Instead of presenting falsehoods about racism and voter suppression, they should be leading in advocating for all voters regardless of political background to vote early or on November 8. It is time for the NAACP to stop the partisan politics and help advance civic engagement.”

– Thomas Turner, Southern Regional Vice Chairman, Young Republicans National Federation


“As a Black Virginian, I am profoundly disappointed that the Virginia NAACP has made the irresponsible decision to wade into partisan politics and further division. Rather than encourage voter participation for all its members, the NAACP has misdirected its energy to the empty and false notion that there is voter suppression in Virginia. Being a state that formerly imposed multiple barriers for Blacks to vote, I am elated that the government today in Virginia is working to ensure fair, free, and transparent elections for all Virginians. The Virginia NAACP should join me in that excitement and cease this frivolous attack.”

– Tim Parrish, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and Small Business Owner


“The Virginia NAACP is a venerable organization established nearly 100 years ago to address inequities, discrimination, and racism that was rampant in America at that time. It also sought to ensure that Black Americans were afforded an opportunity to enjoy the promised ‘life, liberty and pursuit of happiness’ other Americans took for granted. The right to vote is the foundation of these rights, and the integrity of our elections must remain inviolate. The NAACP should join the Attorney General, rather than attack him, and work to ensure that Virginia does indeed have fair, free and legal elections. No Virginian should ever have to question whether his vote has been properly cast and recorded. That is exactly what the Attorney General proposes to accomplish through the Election Integrity Unit.” 

– Bill Curtis, Republican Party of Virginia Beach Chairman