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Republican Party of Virginia’s Statement on Del. Elizabeth Guzman’s Proposal to Prosecute Parents that don’t Affirm Their Child’s Gender Identity.

Richmond, Virginia – October 20, 2022


Parents play a valuable role in their children’s upbringing. Still, Virginia Democrats think it is okay to charge them with felonies if they do not give in to the left’s definition of gender conformity. Earlier this week, Democratic Delegate Elizabeth Guzman announced that she intends to introduce a Bill that will broaden the Commonwealth’s definition of child abuse and abuse to include parents not supporting gender changes with their children.


Let the Republican Party of Virginia be clear: Parents should always have the choice to do what they think is best for their child’s social well-being. This is nothing but a political ploy by the Democrats, and Virginia parents know that. The radical left is now using the Government to spy on the inner workings of the family–and taking it one step further–jailing those who do not believe in their leftist propaganda.


The Republican Party of Virginia stands with Governor Youngkin and Virginia parents on affirming parental rights.