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RPV Calls Out Problems with Virginia’s Post-Election Audit

Richmond, VA – “Northam’s Department of Elections continued its self-promotion today by announcing the results of its flawed risk-limiting audit,” said Rich Anderson, Republican Party of Virginia Chairman.

“The Department designed a flawed audit, failing to meet the requirements of the Code of Virginia or follow best practices for post-election audits,” continued Anderson. “It’s no surprise that the audit confirmed, based on the ballots actually cast in the election, that the correct winner was certified in Virginia’s presidential and Senate contests.”

  • “What the Department won’t admit is the limits of the audit – it does not answer many important questions about the election:
  • Did the decision by Democrats in the General Assembly to allow ballot harvesting make fraud easier?
  • Was voting limited to only properly registered voters?
  • Were all voters’ rights respected by following all legally required procedures for election administration?

    “I’m grateful to the RPV Election Integrity Working Group and volunteers in our local committees around the state for their hard work in monitoring this process and providing an excellent report with recommendations for improving this process going forward.”

The Election Integrity Working Group report can be accessed here.