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RPV Statement on Defeat of Assault Weapons Ban

Richmond, VA – Today, the Virginia State Senate voted to “carry over” an anti-Second Amendment bill designed to strip thousands of Virginians of their rights, also known as HB 961. While Democrats are undoubtedly disappointed that Virginia stood up for itself, this bill is dead until next session.

“This is what happens when you organize and take action,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “To the tens of thousands of Virginians that came from all over the Commonwealth to advocate for your rights, your efforts were rewarded. While the fight is far from over, Republicans should feel good about what happened today.”

“The Republican Party of Virginia intends to capitalize on the energy of the Second Amendment movement and carry that forward into election season. We’re registering more voters, knocking more doors, and working harder than ever to re-elect President Trump and make Virginia red again. The Democrats have poked a hornets nest and they have no idea what’s coming.”