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Democrats Vote to Prevent Equal Representation

Richmond, VA – House Democrats voted today to put big states like New York and California in charge of who gets Virginia’s 13 Electoral Votes, passing legislation to ratify the National Popular Vote interstate compact.

Should Virginia voters choose a candidate of one party, but the candidate of another party wins the most votes nationally, Virginia’s 13 electors would be required to vote against the candidate chosen by Virginia voters.

“The only reason Democrats patroned this legislation is the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “If Clinton had won, this bill would not have been introduced.”

“I’ve never seen a group whine and complain more than this General Assembly. If Democrats want to win the Presidency, maybe they should try not talking down to half the country. Maybe they shouldn’t sow division. Writing legislation to accomplish what you couldn’t accomplish in the past is not the direction Virginia should be taking.”