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RPV Statement on Webb’s “Build Back Better” Roundtable

Richmond, VA – Instead of pro-job and pro-growth policies, Cameron Webb and the rest of his Democrat colleagues are looking for solutions in the same place they have always fruitlessly looked: tax hikes and bigger government.

Key Takeaways:
 Joe Biden and Cameron Webb’s Build Back Better “plan” is to hike taxes and massively increase the size of government.

  • Biden’s childcare and eldercare “plan” calls for $775 billion in taxes and new government spending.

Within just the last month, Biden has proposed more than $3.4 trillion in new taxes and spending.

  • Biden claims his massive new climate “plan” unveiled last week will cost taxpayers $2 trillion, and claims his recently released economic plan would cost $700 billion.
  • Biden says he would hike taxes by more than $3.4 trillion to pay for these plans, smothering the economy in the middle of a comeback.

Taken together with his prior “plans,” Biden’s campaign is proposing nearly $6 trillion in spending, with the likely total over $10 trillion according to independent estimates.

Biden has drastically underreported the true costs of his “plans.”

  • Biden’s “plan” to eliminate oil, gas, and coal from our electric grid would cost $4.5 trillion, $2.5 trillion more than he claims it would.
  • An independent analysis says Biden’s healthcare “plan” would cost nearly $2.25 trillion, $1.5 trillion more than he says.

Even before Biden’s massive spending spree, he has vowed to raise taxes by an unprecedented $4 trillion.

  • Biden’s proposed $4 trillion tax hike more than doubles what Hillary Clinton proposed in 2016.

“It’s no surprise that Cameron Webb participated in a pep-rally for Joe Biden’s miserably expensive economic development ‘plan,’ if you can call it that,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “Webb has made three things clear: if elected, he’d be one of the least bipartisan House Members, he would not act in the best interest of the Fifth District, and he would not accomplish anything meaningful. The Biden-Webb ‘plan’ is a dangerous proposal that promises far more than it could ever come close to delivering.”