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Terry McAuliffe couldn’t help but to spend this week lying and flip-flopping his way around the Commonwealth.

On Monday, after an Independence Day weekend, where Terry was apparently caught fabricating a campaign video with the grill off, McAuliffe was confronted by crime experts predicting a “long, dangerous summer” after violence erupted across Virginia—no doubt a result of Terry’s plan to demoralize and defund the police.

In the afternoon, the first-ever African American elected governor in the country, former Democrat Governor of Virginia Doug Wilder, harshly criticized Democrat nominee for governor Terry McAuliffe—WHO HE ENDORSED IN 2013—on Facebook for flip-flopping on Gov. Ralph Northam‘s KKK/blackface photo and racism scandal

Tuesday was crazy-packed for Terry McAuliffe. He started off his morning by telling the voters he didn’t have the basic knowledge of Virginia’s voting and gun laws, by suggesting it’s easier for Virginians to buy a gun than to vote. McAuliffe may be crazy, but he looked like a fool.

Terry McAuliffe then turned to Georgia “Governor” and activist Stacey Abrams to save him from the embarrassment by seeking fundraising help, in typical fashion, from outside the Commonwealth.

McAuliffe ended his day by touting an endorsement from CASA in Action, a group that wasn’t excited enough about his candidacy to endorse him in the primary—probably due to his January 30, 2007, KPCC interview where Terry McAuliffe called for the shut down of our borders four (4) times, more enforcement two (2) times, and for the United States to send immigrants back where “they came from.”

On Wednesday, Terry McAuliffe reminded the voters that he’s an established liar that had flip-flopped on the Kathy Tran bill by receiving an abortion industry endorsement and solidifying his extreme stance on abortion that is out of touch with the vast majority of Virginians. 

Terry McAuliffe took his campaign of lies on the road Thursday, where he once again tried to fool Virginia voters by attacking Glenn for leading a business of nearly 2,000 employees but neglecting to mention that he profited handsomely from that same business. McAuliffe ended up fleeing from Virginians demanding to know how many millions he invested in the Carlyle Group. McAuliffe still refuses to say.

If you see Terry, hold him accountable by asking the following questions:

  • How many millions of dollars did he personally invest in the Carlyle Group?
  • Terry McAuliffe called on Ralph Northam to resign, saying his actions were “racist.” Now Terry McAuliffe says he’s “honored” to have Northam’s endorsement. Why?
  • Does Terry McAuliffe take responsibility for his parole board violating the law by failing to properly notify victims when it released violent criminals? 
  • When you come under scrutiny for investments, you describe yourself as a “passive investor” to seem innocent. Regarding your many failed deals as Governor, including with the Chinese firms Tranlin and Lindenburg, would you describe yourself as a passive Governor?