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Virginia Democrats Hope for Coronavirus Chaos

Richmond, VA – In a shockingly disgusting, purely partisan move, Democrats Mark Warner and Tim Kaine joined Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi in blocking critical Coronavirus relief legislation for American families. The Democrats in Virginia’s federal delegation have officially pinned their re-election hopes on a tanking economy in the last year of President Trump’s first term.

Is commissioning a study on climate change relevant to combating the Coronavirus? Mark Warner thinks so. Are changes to collective bargaining important to fighting this disease? Mark Warner thinks so.

“Americans are scared,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “And all Mark Warner can think about is his re-election. Torpedoing bipartisan legislation in an attempt to throw the United States of America into an economic collapse is the most shameful thing a politician can do, but Mark Warner has done it.”

“They will call the New York Times and tell them to change their headlines, and they will spin this however they want. But we will remember. Virginia will remember, and on November 3rd, 2020, we’re kicking Mark Warner out of the U.S. Senate.”