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Northam Administration Remains Among Worst in United States

Richmond, VA – As one of the only organizations holding Governor Ralph Northam accountable for his failure to guide Virginia through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Republican Party of Virginia has again urged Northam to take responsibility for his leadership, or lack thereof.

During today’s press conference, please be advised that Governor Northam will take credit for a sharp increase in tests counted (as opposed to the number of people tested) and will point to how Virginia has been keeping track of its numbers instead of why, by any measurement, they are so low. Any blame directed at the Trump Administration will be misplaced, as there are 49 other states with the same President, and each has its own successes and failures.

As of 10:00 AM on May 4, Virginia has moved up just ONE PLACE in the nationwide coronavirus testing ranks to #48.

This means two things:

  1. Virginia has not had a standard metric for arguably the most tracked statistic in modern history, which is malpractice.
  2. Virginia’s numbers are still abysmally low.

ICYMI – Governor’s office responds after Virginia Republican Party highlights state’s lag in coronavirus testing

“Governor Northam still needs to be held accountable,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “While he has blamed President Trump for all of our problems, Virginians have suffered. Every day that goes by under Northam’s inept leadership is another day tacked on to an already interminable lock-down. It’s time to reopen Virginia.”