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RPV Demands Northam Improve Reporting, Testing

Richmond, VA – On Tuesday, it was reported that the State of New York had 1,700 previously unreported COVID-19 deaths in its nursing homes and adult-care facilities.

Ralph Northam’s administration has placed Virginia behind the curve in both reporting and testing which begs the question; if a state like New York (which as of 5/5 ranks #2 in testing) can have 1,700 previously unreported deaths, how many unreported deaths are there in Virginia (which as of 5/5 ranks #48 in testing)?

“Things have gotten out of hand on Governor Northam’s watch,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “The sooner he gets his act together, the sooner Virginia can get on the path to recovery. The news out of New York is disheartening and I pray that Virginia does not have a similar problem.”