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Northam Announces ‘Weapons’ Ban

Richmond, VA – Governor Ralph Northam declared a temporary state of emergency today to ban all weapons (read: the right to keep and bear arms) from Capitol Square on Monday, January 20th. Northam’s directive stems from Virginia’s reaction to proposed gun-grabbing legislation and subsequent rally that will take place on Monday.

Tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens will journey to Richmond on Monday with the intent of lobbying their representatives to refrain from passing radically liberal anti-Second Amendment legislation. These Virginians have a lot on the line this session. Some of these proposals would make felons overnight of law-abiding Virginia citizens with Ralph Northam’s signature. Virginians who have lived their entire lives supporting and thriving in our beautiful Commonwealth may soon be subjected to unconstitutional regulations imposed by legislators representing 432 square miles of Northern Virginia (Fairfax + Arlington).

“Governor Northam’s declaration is a direct infringement on the right of the People to keep and bear arms,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “The Republican Party of Virginia condemns any and all legislation that takes aim at the Second Amendment. Northam and the rest of the Virginia Democrats have made their session goal crystal clear: a disarmed, vulnerable, and subservient citizenry.”