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Northam & Stoney Fiddle as Richmond Burns

Richmond, VA – The derelict leadership of Governor Ralph Northam and Richmond Mayor, Levar Stoney has forever changed how business will get done in the Commonwealth of Virginia. They have shown that all it takes for them to roll over and surrender is an outrage mob, setting a dangerous precedent for years to come.

Allowing violent rioting and looting to take control of the Executive and Legislative branches of our government is an abdication of the duty that our elected officials owe to Virginia citizens to protect them from exactly this lawlessness. What sets this country apart from the rest of the world is its system of check and balances. Buckling to a few days of riots (about which nothing was done to prevent) underscores what we already knew: Ralph Northam is unfit to lead the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Levar Stoney (the disgraced mayor who can’t fill a pothole) could not be bothered to do his duty either. As a statue of Christopher Columbus was thrown into a lake, Stoney (who is in charge of the Richmond Police Department) did nothing. As looters broke into liquor stores and pharmacies, Stoney did nothing. As vandals defaced public and private property, Stoney did nothing. As violence struck last night and another statue was illegally ripped down, Stoney did nothing.

Do Northam, Stoney, or House Speaker, Eileen Filler-Corn actually care about issues like racial inequity and criminal justice reform? No, they don’t. If they did, they would have accomplished something in their 2.5 years, 3.5 years, and 6 months in power, respectively. It should not take the detonation of a GRTC bus and roving mobs to move elected officials to act.

“If all it takes is a riot to get Governor Northam to do whatever you want, we can expect repeated rioting until 2022,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “Not only did Northam give in to mob rule, he did nothing to put a stop to the violence and looting. Why did it take two days of riots before action was taken when a state of emergency was declared two days before thousands of peaceful, law-abiding Virginians rallied to support their Second Amendment right? Ralph Northam and Levar Stoney are incapable of leading  Virginians through a well-lit hallway, much less a real crisis.”