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Republican Party of Virginia Demands Transparency from Rep. Abigail Spanberger on Susanna Gibson Controversy

Richmond, Virginia – September 21, 2023

Does Abigail Spanberger still stand with Susanna Gibson? Voters deserve an

Following news reports last week that Democrat nominee for the 57th House district Susanna
Gibson had been live-streaming sex acts in exchange for money, Democrat Rep. Abigail
Spanberger deleted two Twitter posts supportive of Mrs. Gibson.

Both posts, captured earlier and included below, have now been scrubbed from Gibson and
Spanberger’s accounts.



The fact that these images were removed would seem to indicate that Rep. Spanberger has
pulled her endorsement of Mrs. Gibson.

Moreover, Rep. Spanberger was previously listed as endorsing Mrs. Gibson on her campaign
website, until the endorsements page was pulled down entirely this week. Other endorsements
of Mrs. Gibson included Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney, Democrat State Senator Louise Lucas,
Democrat State Senator Lamont Bagby, and Democrat Delegate Candi Mundon King.

The Republican Party of Virginia maintains that Mrs. Gibson should drop out of the race, as a
majority of voters believe she should do, in light of her misconduct. “If it wasn’t clear before,
this week’s polling removes all doubt: Voters overwhelmingly think Mrs. Gibson should

withdraw from this race,” said Virginia Republican Party Chairman Rich Anderson. “If she
refuses, the voters need to know whether the endorsements she claimed before her videos
became known are still operative.”

To date, Rep. Spanberger has offered no comment on the controversy. She should answer at
least these basic questions:

  • Does Abigail Spanberger condemn Susanna Gibson’s behavior?
  • Does Abigail Spanberger still believe Susanna Gibson would be the best person in this race to represent Henrico voters?
  • Does Abigail Spanberger think Susanna Gibson should drop out of the race?

Abigail Spanberger and every other Democrat who has endorsed Mrs. Gibson should publicly
clarify their position.


Voters deserve answers.