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Republican Party of Virginia’s Statement on Spanberger Pulling out of Debate with Yesli Vega

Richmond, Virginia – October 20, 2022


This week, voters in the 7th Congressional District were prepared to attend a scheduled debate between Republican Nominee Yesli Vega and her opponent Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger. At the last minute, Abigail Spanberger pulled out of the debate, possibly the last opportunity the voters will have to hear from both candidates at the same time and place. In case anyone needed further proof that Spanberger is running from her disastrous voting record (100% with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi), she has chosen to deny voters one of the last opportunities to hear from her.


Days before the debate, Spanberger’s campaign released a statement citing concern over co-moderator Larry O’Connor in an failed attempt to cover the real reason she refuses to debate Yesli Vega: she knows she will lose the issues. Spanberger continues to shy away from her horrible record in Washington on inflation, gas prices, education and a whole set of issues that affect voters in the 7th district. She refuses to give Virginians a chance to ask her why she voted with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden instead of with the 7th Congressional District.


She continues to present herself as a moderate, but Virginians know where she stands on the issues – as far to the left as she can go. Yesli Vega will win next month and be a voice for Virginia’s 7th Congressional district in Washington, working for the people.