Virginians Deserve Better than Far-Left Radical Democrat Levar Stoney

Richmond, Virginia – December 4, 2023 Radical Democrat Levar Stoney has spent the last six years failing Richmond as its mayor and putting special interests and left-wing ideology ahead of his constituents. Now he expects Virginia voters to reward his failures by electing him governor. Mayor Stoney pretends to care about helping working families, but just this year raised utility rates for Richmond residents because his office wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on useless liberal pet projects. Mayor Stoney also pretends to care about public safety, but was an early and enthusiastic supporter of the radical “Defund the Police” movement.

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Virginia Democrats’ Radical Bills

Richmond, Virginia – November 20, 2023 Today, after running an entire campaign on “maintaining the status quo,” Virginia Democrats introduced a slate of radical bills that would upend existing law and turn our Commonwealth into a failed left-wing state like California or New York. Their very first order of business was to introduce an amendment that would enshrine a right to unrestricted late-term abortion-on-demand in the Virginia Constitution. Despite Democrat House leader Don Scott explicitly telling the Virginian-Pilot that “the goal is for [abortion] laws to remain the same” before the election, Democrats are now seeking to make abortion at any

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Election Results

Richmond, Virginia – November 8, 2023 Tuesday’s results are a reflection of a successful campaign of lies, deception, and scare tactics from Virginia Democrats. Extreme left-wing interest groups brought in massive amounts of dark money dollars to elect politicians who will serve their interests, not the interests of Virginia voters. The left’s money machine poured millions into dishonest TV ads spreading blatant misinformation about Republican candidates and distracting from Democrat radicalism. Despite Republicans raising record sums through grassroots outreach, Democrat elites and liberal special interests rallied to overcome this advantage with high-dollar donations in the final days of the campaign. One


(Loudoun County, Virginia) Embattled, pro-criminal Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj has been issued a stunning rebuke by Loudoun County voters in Tuesday’s election. With no path to victory for Biberaj, voters have sent a clear signal they want a Commonwealth’s Attorney who takes crime seriously and runs the office with integrity.  Buta Biberaj has failed to live up to the great responsibilities of her office, and the results of this election reflect that.  Despite being outspent 10-to-1, Bob Anderson’s grassroots campaign delivered a winning commonsense  message of actually doing the job he was elected to do: prosecuting criminals and keeping Loudoun

Virginia Democrats are the Party of Moral Depravity and Societal Decay

Richmond, Virginia – October 27, 2023 From internet porn stars to Hamas apologists, abortion extremists, and Defund the Police radicals, Virginia Democrats’ slate of radical left-wing candidates is unfit to lead. Senate SD15 – Ghazala Hashmi – marched in support of Palestine and Hamas SD16 – Schuyler VanValkenburg – shared a campaign office with porn star Susanna Gibson, voted to reduce sentences for violent felons and child pornographers SD17 – Clint Jenkins – charged three separate times with abusing his wife and daughter SD18 – Louise Lucas – defended porn star Susanna Gibson, complained about not being able to access

Rodney Willet and Schuyler VanValkenburg Refuse to Say Whether They Still Support Democrat Porn Star Susanna Gibson

Richmond, Virginia – October 4, 2023   More than three weeks since Virginians first learned that Susanna Gibson, the Democrat nominee for the Virginia 57th House District, had been posting lewd sexually explicit videos online for “tips” from viewers, Rodney Willet, the Democrat nominee for House District 58, and Schuyler VanValkenburg, the Democrat nominee for Senate District 16, have refused to say whether they still back Gibson. In addition to offering their enthusiastic endorsement of Gibson before this scandal broke, both Willett and VanValkenburg share a joint campaign office with Gibson, and both have repeatedly appeared at campaign events with

Virginia Democrats Are the Abortion Extremists

Richmond, Virginia – September 27, 2023 In official votes in Richmond and in public comments, Virginia Democrats have fought to make unlimited, unrestricted, taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand up until the moment of birth the new standard under Virginia law. They are the abortion extremists. We all well remember former Democrat Governor Ralph Northam’s infamous comments that suggested he supported infanticide “if that’s what the mother wants.” And who could forget Democrat Delegate Kathy Tran’s ghastly admission that a bill supported by a majority of Virginia Democrats would allow elective abortions at 40 weeks.  Just this past term, Radical Democrats in the Virginia State Senate killed multiple bills

Senator Monty Mason Must Answer for His Racist “Slave Auction” Frat Event

Richmond, Virginia – September 22, 2023 State Senator Monty Mason has previously claimed that he had no knowledge of an alleged “slave auction” event held by the William & Mary chapter of Pi Lambda Phi while he was president of the fraternity in 1989. But according to new evidence reported by The Daily Wire, Senator Mason lied. Senator Mason alleged that the description of the event in question as a “slave auction” was merely an inexplicable mistake by the college’s newspaper. But a recently unearthed flier (pictured below) proves that the event was indeed advertised as a “slave auction.”  

Republican Party of Virginia Demands Transparency from Rep. Abigail Spanberger on Susanna Gibson Controversy

Richmond, Virginia – September 21, 2023 Does Abigail Spanberger still stand with Susanna Gibson? Voters deserve an answer. Following news reports last week that Democrat nominee for the 57th House district Susanna Gibson had been live-streaming sex acts in exchange for money, Democrat Rep. Abigail Spanberger deleted two Twitter posts supportive of Mrs. Gibson. Both posts, captured earlier and included below, have now been scrubbed from Gibson and Spanberger’s accounts.     The fact that these images were removed would seem to indicate that Rep. Spanberger has pulled her endorsement of Mrs. Gibson. Moreover, Rep. Spanberger was previously listed as

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Kamala Harris’s Visit to Hampton College

Richmond, Virginia – September 14, 2023 An NBC news poll earlier this summer revealed that Kamala Harris is the most unpopular Vice President in history. Following that brutal poll, the White House announced that Vice President Kamala Harris will visit Hampton University on Thursday to speak to college students. Students can expect that Vice President Harris will offer her normal ramblings and more empty promises, but here’s what they will not hear: Inflation due to Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s reckless economic policies are crushing college students: If you need to fill up your car to drive to class, it