Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Joe Biden’s “Fantasy Land” State of the Union Address

Richmond, Virginia – February 7, 2023   Tonight, Joe Biden once again showed the American people why he is unfit to lead and why voters elected a Republican House majority last November.   President Biden continues to live in a fantasy land, ignoring the real problems plaguing everyday Americans and denying his role in creating the many crises our country now faces. From record-high inflation to the ongoing humanitarian and national security catastrophe at the southern border, the president and congressional Democrats appear content to claim ignorance or double down on the same failed policies.   The state of our

The Republican Party of Virginia Celebrates Black History Month

Richmond, Virginia – February 1, 2023   During Black History Month, we honor the many contributions of Black Americans to our Commonwealth and our country. Black Americans have held a central place in the history of our Commonwealth since the very beginning. In 1619, a Dutch trading ship carrying African slaves arrived in Point Comfort, Virginia, marking the beginning of the wicked and evil practice of slavery in what would become the United States. 246 years later, it was also in Virginia, near the tiny village of Appomattox, that the bloody conflict to end slavery finally came to an unofficial

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on RNC Elections

Richmond, Virginia – January 27, 2023   The Republican Party of Virginia congratulates Ronna McDaniel on winning another term as Chair of the Republican National Committee. Virginia Republicans also thank Harmeet Dhillon of California and Mike Lindell of Minnesota for stepping forward to offer themselves in selfless service to our party.   In 2021, the RNC played a critical role in partnering with Virginia Republicans to deliver historic victories with the election of Governor Glenn Youngkin, Lt. Governor Winsome Sears, and Attorney General Jason Miyares, accompanied by return of the Virginia House of Delegates to Republican control. In the months

Republican Party of Virginia Announces Nominating Process for Virginia’s 4th Congressional District

Richmond, VA – December 13, 2022   On Saturday, December 17, the 4th Congressional District Republican Committee will hold a Congressional District Party Canvass at Life Christian Academy (1221 Boulevard, Colonial Heights, VA 23834) from 10am-3pm. The method for voting will be Ranked Choice Voting, which the Republican Party of Virginia used with great success in statewide candidate nomination contests in 2021. Voters will be asked to rank all candidates on the ballot in order of their preference.   Conducting this election on a Saturday will give voters of the 4th District the best opportunity for their voices to be

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Loudoun County School Board Firing Superintendent Scott Ziegler

Richmond, Virginia – December 7, 2022   After months of unnecessary and shameful delay, the Loudoun County School Board has finally taken the correct course of action by firing Superintendent Scott Ziegler.   As the grand jury report commissioned by Attorney General Miyares made clear, Mr. Ziegler’s attempted cover-up of the first sexual assault incident at Stone Bridge High School directly led to a known sexual predator being allowed to continue attending classes at Broad Run High School and victimizing more female students. Moreover, Mr. Ziegler and other district officials intimidated and silenced staff members who tried to raise concerns.

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Rouse Running for SD7 to Take Kiggans Seat

Richmond, Virginia – November 17, 2022 Virginia Democrats’ nomination of Aaron Rouse to fill the state senate seat vacated by Congresswoman-elect Jen Kiggans is more evidence of their war on police and utter disregard for law and order. Rouse’s soft-on-crime message and anti-police rhetoric are disturbing and dangerous. On June 26, 2020, during the Chronicles Unity Rally at the New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ, Rouse openly compared law enforcement to “modern-day slave traders.” Rouse himself consistently runs afoul of the law, showing that he has no respect for the rule of law and is unfit to represent the

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Legal Victory in Prince William County

Richmond, Virginia – November 2, 2022   Today, the Republican Party of Virginia secured an important legal victory in its lawsuit against the Prince William County Elections Office and Registrar for violating a Virginia law stating that all precincts must allow representatives chosen by both parties to serve as chiefs and assistant chiefs of polling locations. Some officers the Board had designated as “Republicans” had not been nominated by the Republican Party. The order will require that those designations be corrected.   The court correctly ruled that the Prince William County Elections Office may not exclude Republicans from both chief

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on the Virginia NAACP’s Political Hit Job Press Conference

Richmond, Virginia – November 1, 2022   Just one week out from Election Day, the Virginia NAACP is shamelessly and irresponsibly attempting to manufacture a crisis in a desperate last-ditch effort to save Democrats from defeat. This transparent media stunt is yet more evidence that this storied organization with a proud legacy has sadly become just another political arm of the Virginia Democratic Party.   Attorney General Miyares has been clear that the Election Integrity Unit will provide legal advice to the State Board and Department of Elections, investigate violations of Virginia election law, work to protect voting rights, and

Republican Party of Virginia’s Statement on Del. Elizabeth Guzman’s Proposal to Prosecute Parents that don’t Affirm Their Child’s Gender Identity.

Richmond, Virginia – October 20, 2022   Parents play a valuable role in their children’s upbringing. Still, Virginia Democrats think it is okay to charge them with felonies if they do not give in to the left’s definition of gender conformity. Earlier this week, Democratic Delegate Elizabeth Guzman announced that she intends to introduce a Bill that will broaden the Commonwealth’s definition of child abuse and abuse to include parents not supporting gender changes with their children.   Let the Republican Party of Virginia be clear: Parents should always have the choice to do what they think is best for

Republican Party of Virginia’s Statement on Spanberger Pulling out of Debate with Yesli Vega

Richmond, Virginia – October 20, 2022   This week, voters in the 7th Congressional District were prepared to attend a scheduled debate between Republican Nominee Yesli Vega and her opponent Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger. At the last minute, Abigail Spanberger pulled out of the debate, possibly the last opportunity the voters will have to hear from both candidates at the same time and place. In case anyone needed further proof that Spanberger is running from her disastrous voting record (100% with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi), she has chosen to deny voters one of the last opportunities to hear from her.