Republican Party of Virginia Celebrates Labor Day

Richmond, VA – September 5, 2022 Today we recognize and celebrate America’s hardworking individuals and their economic and social achievements over the years. America’s workforce is the backbone of our Nation’s success and this holiday provides us with an opportunity to honor the strength, determination, and contributions of hardworking Virginians and Americans.   We are blessed in Virginia to have a Governor who is working hard to create a robust workforce environment and continues to deliver for our Commonwealth every day. His focus on and commitment to economic growth, along with that of our Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Republican

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Joe Biden’s Dangerous and Divisive Speech

RICHMOND, VA – Sept. 2, 2022 Last night, Joe Biden used the worst tactics of authoritarians and dictators throughout history to try and intimidate Democrats’ political opponents into silence. From the alarming use of United States Marines as political props to his dangerous and divisive rhetoric labeling anyone who disagrees with him as a “threat to democracy,” Joe Biden showed why he is unfit to lead our country.   This fall, voters will send a message to Democrats that their scare tactics and hunger for power have no place in a free country like ours. It’s time to send a

Republican Party of Virginia on EV Sale Regulation

RICHMOND, VA – August 26, 2022 As of 2035 regulations are requiring all vehicles sold in Virginia to be electric. Sales of non-electric vehicles will be banned. Democrats in Virginia chose to incorporate California vehicle emission laws ours in the Commonwealth. Because of this, un-elected officials in Sacramento, California (the California Air Resources Board) are making decisions for our families here in the Commonwealth. Not only does the necessary infrastructure not exist in Virginia to support this outrageous policy, but the question of affordability is one that we need to be painfully aware of. Democrats in Congress recently voted to

Republican Party of Virginia on Fairfax County Training Documents

RICHMOND, VA – August 26, 2022 The Republican Party of Virginia stands with our leaders in Richmond, echoing that school administration officials should not be keeping secrets from parents. Parents deserve to be involved in their children’s education.    Fairfax County continues to leave parents in the dark and not inform them on what is going on in the classroom, the locker room, the hallways and everywhere else in our schools. Fox News has reported that some new training materials provided to teachers show that students can change their name and pronouns without parental notification, and use locker rooms and

The Republican National Committee held its ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the RNC Veterans Community Center. 

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – August 19, 2022 The Republican National Committee held its ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the RNC Veterans Community Center.   Special guests included Attorney General Jason Miyares, VA-01 Congressman Rob Wittman, Navy Veteran and VA-02 Congressional candidate Jen Kiggans, Navy Veteran and VA-10 Congressional candidate Hung Cao and Air Force Veteran and Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Rich Anderson.   Chairman Anderson gave the following statement after the event, “It was an honor for Virginia Beach to be selected by the Republican National Committee as the location of the first-in-the-country RNC Veterans Community

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Biden Signing “Inflation Reduction Act”

Richmond, VA – Aug 17, 2022 Biden’s decision to sign the Inflation Reduction Act and raise taxes during a time that all Americans are hurting is a dismissive action by Radical Democrats that hurts all individuals, especially the middle class. Thankfully, our Commonwealth has a Governor that is doing everything in his power to alleviate some of this pain for Virginia families by cutting taxes and focusing on steady income to Virginia families so that they can provide for their families without any fear. We must elect Republicans in November to see any hope for change in our country and

Republican Party of Virginia Celebrates Independence Day and the Formal Adoption of the Declaration of Independence

Richmond, VA – July 4, 2022 Today, the Republican Party of Virginia celebrates Independence Day and commemorates the formal adoption of the Declaration of Independence. 246 years ago, on this day, our Nation was born when America declared independence and freedom. This is a day to celebrate the liberties, core beliefs and values of the United States. Today serves as an important reminder that the Declaration of Independence provides all Americans with unalienable rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Republican Party of Virginia wishes you a happy and safe Independence Day. ###

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

Richmond, VA – June 24, 2022 Today, the Supreme Court of the United States took long overdue action to overturn Roe v. Wade and return the power to legislation on abortion to the states, where it rightfully belongs. In Virginia, we are proud to have a pro-life Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General who are committed to protecting the life of unborn children. We look forward to supporting the work of our leadership in the coming year that produces results for Virginians.  We also unequivocally condemn the violence and intimidation tactics being used against Supreme Court Justices and pro-life pregnancy

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Yesli Vega Winning Seventh Congressional District Republican Primary

Richmond, VA – June 21, 2022 The Republican Party of Virginia congratulates Yesli Vega on winning the 7th Congressional District Republican Primary on Tuesday. Yesli is a strong conservative who will fight for our shared values in Congress and defeat Radical Democrat Abigail Spanberger.  Though Rep. Spanberger likes to play moderate when the cameras are on, voters know that she has voted in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and House progressives, and they are ready for new leadership in Washington.  As a military wife and veteran of three Virginia law enforcement agencies, Yesli has lived a life of service to her

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Jen Kiggans Winning Second Congressional District Republican Primary

Virginia Beach, VA – June 21, 2022 The Republican Party of Virginia congratulates Jen Kiggans on winning the 2nd Congressional District Republican Primary on Tuesday. Jen is a proud patriot who has what it takes to defeat Pelosi Puppet Elaine Luria this November and send a principled conservative to Washington. As a former Navy pilot who served two deployments to the Persian Gulf and a Nurse Practitioner, Jen has led a life of service to her country and her community. During her time in the Virginia State Senate, Jen has represented her voters with integrity, working hard each day to